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the dramaturgs' society - dg

The Dramaturgs’ Society (dg), founded at Berlin in 1956, unites theatre practitioners from all German-speaking regions. It sees itself as an open platform for the exchange on artistic work, further developments of aesthetics, methods of production and, last but not least, on the social function of theatre. Among its members are theatre makers of all genres and all organizations, whether municipal theatre or independent scene, as well as publishers, journalists and students. The number of members continuously increased over the years and peaked at 750 actives in 2016.

Two of its central activities are to organize the Annual Conference and to publish the magazine "dramaturgie". Once a year the dg holds public Annual Conferences at variable locations, inviting local and foreign speakers to exchange with the participants, in various formats, about a virulent topic of contemporary dramaturgical practice. The magazine "dramaturgie" reflects the conference topics in written and pictorial contributions.

Conference topics of the last years:
• Berlin 2016 - "Was Tun. POlitisches Handeln Jetzt" (do something. political activity now)
• Linz 2015 - "Was alle angeht. Oder: Was ist (heute) populär?" (what affects us all. Or: what ist popular (these days)?)
• Mannheim 2014 - " Leben, Kunst und Produktion. Wie wollen wir arbeiten?" (Life, Art and Production. How do we want to work?)
• Munich 2013 – "Es gilt das gesprochene Wort. Sprechen auf der Bühne – und über das Theater" (Talking on stage – and about theatre)
• Oldenburg 2012 – "Hirn. Geld. Klima. Theater und Forschung" (Theatre and research)
• Freiburg 2011 – "Wer ist WIR? Theater in der interkulturellen Gesellschaft" (Theatre in intercultural society)
• Zurich 2010 – "Vorstellungsräume. Dramaturgien des Raums" (Dramaturgies of space)
• Erlangen 2009 – "europa erlangen. Wie kommt Europa auf die Bühne?" (How does Europe get on stage?)
• Hamburg 2008 – "Geteilte Zeit. Theater zwischen Entschleunigungsoase und Produktionsmaschine" (Theatre between deceleration oasis and production machine)
• Heidelberg 2007 – "Dem »Wahren, Guten, Schönen.« Bildung auf der Bühne" (Education on stage)
• Berlin 2006 – "Radikal sozial. Wahrnehmung und Beschreibung von Realität im Theater" (Perception and description of reality in theatre)

Within the Dramaturgs’ Society, its working groups address various artistic and social topics and aspects of professional practice. Furthermore, in cooperation with the city of Frankfurt/Oder, the local Kleist-Forum, and the Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, the dg awards the Kleist-Förderpreis for young playwrights.

By its conferences and activities around the year the dg significantly contributes to the social positioning of theatre. Always inviting a large number of "non-theatrical" experts to the conferences, the dg enhances the transfer of knowledge between different disciplines and thus gives fresh impetus to the artistic work.

For further information, please contact our head office (phone: +49.30.77908934 / e-mail: post@dramaturgische-gesellschaft.de).